Friday, March 20, 2015

Gym and Mood

I am a moody and melancholic guy. I can get a bit sad just by seeing a kitten meowing for food. When something really sorrowful happens I can get in a melancholic mood for days in which I overeat, gain weight and so on. At least I’m usually in denial with a few kilos gained so that doesn’t lead to a downward spiral if I can get over it soon.

I wasn’t always like that though. As a little kid I remember myself being hyperactive, always running and going places and never feel sad. Well most children are that way but I’m pretty sure I stopped being that sad-proof not as a teen but as soon as I stopped moving due to studies and so. I was stuck in a house with no exercise. I did see walking with a friend, as a way of feeling better but I thought it was mostly speaking with a friend and not the exercise itself.

I then noticed it a few years ago after going to the gym for months. My melancholic moods were less and less common. I was then thinking that I was feeling better as I was looking more muscular and feeling more attractive. And when I wasn’t working out for days it was usually in exam periods or when I was sick so I though my melancholies were because, well I was studying, or was sick! Funny thing is that I knew about endorphins and how they work but knowing something and experiencing something is not the same of course.

When I’m working out regularly, I feel better and feelings of anxiety or sorrow are less intense, even when there are a lot of things in mind. I have countless examples of going to the gym with no will to do anything than stay in bed and leaving the gym full of energy with my worries just a blur in my head. It changed my life not by improving my appearance but by being an escape, a way to feel better when everything else, friends love interests, even family fails. 

I ❤ U Gym!