Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Another Meaningless Blog Post

I really like writing for my blog. Every time I make a new one, another piece of me gets out in the open. I can share my point of view about something without interruptions in my chain of thoughts. I hate, though, writing about things that I find trivial, and I don’t think it’s that important to have my point of view shared about every single issue. That’s why; sometimes it’s hard to find something that by my standards is worth writing about. Furthermore, after the Easter posts about change, I was still in the state of trying to adjust to new parameters. So, I decided not to spam the blog with more posts about routine or change and I think it’s for the better (In an alternate universe my unlucky readers have already stop following my one hundredth post about how I think I overcame the change followed by a post of how wrong I was about my previous post :P). Not that one about not writing normal posts is better but anyway. Hopefully I find something more interesting to write next. Till then!

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