Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Another Meaningless Blog Post

I really like writing for my blog. Every time I make a new one, another piece of me gets out in the open. I can share my point of view about something without interruptions in my chain of thoughts. I hate, though, writing about things that I find trivial, and I don’t think it’s that important to have my point of view shared about every single issue. That’s why; sometimes it’s hard to find something that by my standards is worth writing about. Furthermore, after the Easter posts about change, I was still in the state of trying to adjust to new parameters. So, I decided not to spam the blog with more posts about routine or change and I think it’s for the better (In an alternate universe my unlucky readers have already stop following my one hundredth post about how I think I overcame the change followed by a post of how wrong I was about my previous post :P). Not that one about not writing normal posts is better but anyway. Hopefully I find something more interesting to write next. Till then!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Same old routine...

Though I really hate changes in my routine, I usually adjust quite fast. When a part of this routine get washed away, I have an almost foolproof practice keeping me from knowing the change. In the beginning I usually focus in what has remained unchanged. Being a person that constantly nags about how little time he has this can be fairly easy at least for some time. I just fill my time with what I was unable to do before and try to have a full day. This actually works sometimes when my I get used to this “new” routine and forget everything that’s missing. When this can’t be achieved and something is still missing, a trip can help. A completely new routine helps me forget I lost something from my normal one and then come home refreshed. But when the trip is not possible I try to find things I used to like but never got the time to do. Like some games I wanted to play years ago or going out with people I lost touch with. Not that this advice always works but it surely makes the first days quite easier.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just before…

Once again I found myself without a specific subject to write about in my blog. These FAQs are written depending on what I hear from my friends so I can’t see a new post real soon. So I’ll talk about Easter. The two previous Easter holidays found me in Germany with my cousins. Even though we followed only a few traditions and mostly been for walks or shopping I had a blast. This year though due to my work schedule I’m stuck in Greece. I’ll definitely follow more traditions but I already miss my time in Germany. In addition a dear friend of mine is leaving the next days to take on a master degree. So I must find new ways to spend my holidays because the Christmas’ ones won’t suffice. I hate goodbyes and next week will be hard on me. Thankfully, though, my brother and a cousin will arrive from Crete in the same timetable, helping me pass the time. I’ll stop nagging now knowingly leaving my past quite erratic but you’ll get used to these kinds of posts. I wish everyone traveling home or to new places have a nice trip.
P.S. I know the photo is from the Easter Island and not something festive but I believe it fits better the post’s spirit.

Friday, March 26, 2010

FAQ Part 2

It’s about time to continue my truly useful (?) FAQ.

Disclaimer: This FAQ’s opinions are personal and by no means should be taken as true for everyone. If you think they are not useful for you, feel free to disregard them. But if you follow them, I won’t be responsible for any side effects. Every human being is unique after all. My A different point of view can’t harm anyone, right?

Question: What is OK to share with my significant other:
My belief is that honesty is really important for a healthy relationship but there are things better left alone or at least said in a proper way. Due to the answers being gender specific, I’ll use M to point to male answers and F for the female counterparts. Easy to follow, right?

1. The ex.
For women there’s a simple answer. Don’t mention him, ever. Just, you know, stay away from the subject. We really have no interest in knowing anything about him. Just let us believe anything we like. We will figure out by ourselves how awful he has been to you, how he couldn’t satisfy you etc. If you still want to tell something, you can reinforce our believes, and maybe we won’t mind. But to be sure stay silent.
Once again you don’t know what she wants from you and of course you’ll never will, but anyway. At the beginning of your relationship a negative mention or two of your ex may or may not be useful. It’s really nice for her to feel more important than any other woman in your life. Phrases that can help include classics like: “You are the only woman that…”, “You are the first that…”, “My ex was nowhere near you in…” and can help you out of difficult situations. Just don’t overdo it. Another risky approach I don’t really endorse is using casually your ex’s name in skills your girlfriend isn’t that good to make her try harder. This is of course extremely risky as well as totally stupid and every girl can see through that. Finally I point once again to keep the mentions to your ex to a bare minimum. If you aren’t capable of doing so, not only you are not over her but your current girlfriend knows it too.

2. The mother:
Never mention her. There are only rare cases of good relationships between your moms and your girlfriends. In these cases you’re safe. But for everything else a single notion of your mother’s cooking or cleaning skills will get you with little fail to an out of nowhere fight. 
F. The girls can mention their mothers any time, keeping in mind their mutual liking.

3. The Father:
Actually most fathers have come to terms with the idea that someday their precious little girls will consider someone else as their man of their lives and keep a nice relationship with him. If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to mention him. But you should also keep in mind the advice for men and their mothers. In the same way stay clear for mentions like: “My father drives better than you” to stay away from trouble. If they, on the hand, have a rocky relationship to start with, not mention him at all.
M. Finally an easy suggestion. Speak about him anytime, unless she keeps calling him “pervert” or “creep”. If so, stay clear.

4. General suggestions:
Already mentioned, honesty is at most importance in a healthy relationship. In usual cases you must be able to share almost every detail without issues. Just keep in mind that there is a time for everything so try to find a proper moment for telling her/him you news or stories from your past. To be sure find times with no anxiety. Finally, if you’ve read this FAQ to find a way to tell your loved one about an infidelity or misuse of her/his trust I can’t help you. Your issue isn’t the way to tell her/him but what you’ve done.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

FAQ Part 1

In order to continue my FAQ for friends and family, an idea from,  here’s a translation from my previous post.

The first step is figuring out your situation.

1. How awful do you feel?

Α. I’m not that awful, just, you know, a little down.
What do you mean “a little down”? Just get out of the house to get some fresh air and see some people. And that’s that.

Β.Dude, I don’t know, I’m not well.
OK you should repeat the A scenario. And maybe you should call someone first to feel a little better and hopefully have someone drag you for a walk or some coffee.

C. I’m awful. I don’t know what to do next.
I don’t think I can persuade you to leave the house, so call someone to talk a little then watch some series or a movie, play some video games etc.

D. I hit rock bottom...
You are not reading this right now. You think you do but you are lost in your thought so you are not reading. So I won’t write anything truly useful. But if I’m wrong let’s start by counting the cracks on the wall. If you finished, continue by counting the tiles in the floor or the bathroom wall. Finished already? There are a lot of things to count. Hopefully you won’t run out till you fall in the above categories. In the meantime why don’t you do something almost productive like wash the dish or do the laundry? Too much? OK, back to counting…

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never too late to have a good day

Yesterday was one of these days you believe everything is going to be simply awful. I barely woke up to go to work; something I became accustomed to, due to serious lack of sleep these last weeks. Not been able to meet a coworker to the bus stop didn’t help with my mood either; alone in the bus and all... Everything seemed this day would be one to forget. But then the caffeine started to have an effect, and the customers seemed less rude than usual; maybe not such a bad day after all. A visit to some stores with a friend followed by a coffee in Harilaou and two really effective hours in the gym turned my mood around. And when I thought this couldn’t get any better, the game I waited for what it felt like forever, finally arrived. Before the day came to an end an evening coffee with some friends and seeing the opening video of that game for the first time really made it a good day. After all you can’t judge someone before fully knowing him and days are no exception

P.S. I know I drink lots of coffee but hey I don’t sleep much.


This blog is not actually new. I’m on and off the blogosphere these past months but I usually write in my native language. After a friend of mine suggested writing in English for everyone to understand I came to the mirroring solution. One blog, two languages. So happy reading!