Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just before…

Once again I found myself without a specific subject to write about in my blog. These FAQs are written depending on what I hear from my friends so I can’t see a new post real soon. So I’ll talk about Easter. The two previous Easter holidays found me in Germany with my cousins. Even though we followed only a few traditions and mostly been for walks or shopping I had a blast. This year though due to my work schedule I’m stuck in Greece. I’ll definitely follow more traditions but I already miss my time in Germany. In addition a dear friend of mine is leaving the next days to take on a master degree. So I must find new ways to spend my holidays because the Christmas’ ones won’t suffice. I hate goodbyes and next week will be hard on me. Thankfully, though, my brother and a cousin will arrive from Crete in the same timetable, helping me pass the time. I’ll stop nagging now knowingly leaving my past quite erratic but you’ll get used to these kinds of posts. I wish everyone traveling home or to new places have a nice trip.
P.S. I know the photo is from the Easter Island and not something festive but I believe it fits better the post’s spirit.

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