Friday, April 2, 2010

Same old routine...

Though I really hate changes in my routine, I usually adjust quite fast. When a part of this routine get washed away, I have an almost foolproof practice keeping me from knowing the change. In the beginning I usually focus in what has remained unchanged. Being a person that constantly nags about how little time he has this can be fairly easy at least for some time. I just fill my time with what I was unable to do before and try to have a full day. This actually works sometimes when my I get used to this “new” routine and forget everything that’s missing. When this can’t be achieved and something is still missing, a trip can help. A completely new routine helps me forget I lost something from my normal one and then come home refreshed. But when the trip is not possible I try to find things I used to like but never got the time to do. Like some games I wanted to play years ago or going out with people I lost touch with. Not that this advice always works but it surely makes the first days quite easier.

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